My sister, Lily, was brutally murdered. She was a sex worker. Most of Book One is her unfinished novel. It could be read as an extraordinary autobiography with tremendously explicit scenes.

Book Two is my own writing about my privately orchestrated international man hunt through three continents without any help from the authorities and using whatever resource I could (including DNA profiling). – Vivian Biro

“An absorbing and enjoyable thriller written as two books: the first book documenting the seedy underworld inhabited by Budapest prostitutes; the second, a complex forensic investigation and pursuit of a horrific serial killer. The squalid and dangerous world of the sex trade is described very well, giving an authentic feel to the story. A dogged global chase concludes in a thrilling conclusion. The author succeeds in maintaining a fast moving plot and sustained tension…” – Amazon Review

**This story contains explicit sexual content and graphic language and is only suitable for readers aged 18+**



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