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My Fraternal Twin’s Story

During mid-January 2019 I’m running a 99c(US) and 99p(UK) promotion of my one and only novel: THE SEX TOURIST The regular price of my book is $3.99. My sororal twin sister, Lily, was a sex worker. She was about to quit for a better life when she was brutally murdered. Book One was written by Lily, and it could be read as an extraordinary … Read More My Fraternal Twin’s Story


Telepathy in Fraternal Twins

The original title of my 2 books in 1 novel, THE SEX TOURIST, is SORORAL BONDS. In this book the two main ‘characters’ (and authors) are non-identical twins. In the beginning of Book Two one of them experiences twin telepathy. Female non-identical twins should be called sororal twins (soror is for sister in Latin). Non-identical twins are called fraternal twins, but this is correct … Read More Telepathy in Fraternal Twins


That Twin Connection – Are Fraternal Twins able to Relate?

There are two different types of twins, identical and fraternal. Identical, or monozygotic, twins are the result of one egg being fertilized and then splitting in two. Identical twins have the same DNA and normally look very much alike. They are always of the same gender. The majority of twins are fraternal, however, meaning they are not identical even though they may actually look … Read More That Twin Connection – Are Fraternal Twins able to Relate?