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My Sister’s #MeToo Story

Book One of The Sex Tourist is my sister’s #MeToo story about sexual abuse. She is no longer with us to share her story. This is why I had to publish her book about boybands using underage girls as sex toys, strip-club clients abusing strippers, punters treating working girls badly and murderous sexual predators torturing girls to death. Unlike Weinstein, most abusive men are … Read More My Sister’s #MeToo Story


A Devoted Mother and Victim of Sexual Violence

It is time to remember, applaud and reflect on Paige Birgfeld’s life with a sigh of relief. Her murderer is going to spend the rest of his life in jail. If you type Paige’s name into Google, the summary on the right side says ‘Paige Birgfeld – Stripper’. This label is unfair and it should change to ‘Self Employed’ or something similar. She was … Read More A Devoted Mother and Victim of Sexual Violence