Here is a selection of questions from various interviews with Olivia Wild.

IMG_1315How did you find yourself writing a book? What’s the story behind your career? I’ve been through several rough experiences including several deaths in my family which at the time I couldn’t quite absorb. One day, after a night out, I started writing about what happened to me. Then I decided to carry on, and began to write almost every day. My cousin and my dad helped with the editing. Two years later I completed my first book.

What are your first impressions of the writing industry? It is a very competitive world. The big publishing houses and the writers connected to them are trying to protect their territory. It is a great challenge to break into their circle as an outsider.

What makes your subject interesting? I feel I can write about my subjects with authority. When it comes to sex, most of the time I write the truth based on real life experiences. The other challenge for me is to write about science and technology in an interesting way. The truth behind scientific breakthroughs, achievements is usually not as simple as what people see on television. At other times I let my imagination wild and write about the world as it should be.

What makes you an interesting author? I have been through a lot which most people have only seen in documentary films and on the news, and I wasn’t scared to write those down. Many of my exhilarating or harrowing experiences in life are in my first book. I think I have the ability to describe what I see in an interesting way. My knowledge in science helps too, and my husband and dad are always around to provide the information I need about technology.

How many times have you wished you’d started writing earlier? As I was growing up, one of my favorite pastimes was to jot down everything in my diary. I think I started writing my book just at the right time. This is not because I have to compete with the few million other Kindle downloads – I know by now what I’m up against, but that doesn’t discourage me.

Who are your favourite authors? In different periods of my life there have been different authors I like. As a child my love of animals drew me to Lucy Daniels. Then I stumbled across Ayn Rand and loved her writing. My favorite suspense writer is Gillian Flynn. I love the classics too; the three Bronte sisters in particular.

How much time do you spend writing? This depends on my other commitments. During the time when I was writing this book my average was about 3-4 hours a day. I used to have a set writing schedule and pretty soon I’ll get back to it.

Plotter or go-with-the-flow? A bit of both, but I usually go with the flow.

What’s the biggest hurdle to getting words on the page and how do you overcome it? The biggest hurdle is when I’m stressed due to overload of work. My mind gets too busy. I play Candy Crush to calm down my thoughts. It helps to concentrate on one thing.

What has been the biggest thrill of your writing career so far? Opening the Amazon parcel and seeing my paperback.

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