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Only Narrow-Minded People Call it “Stripper Pole”

Pole Sport is as demanding as gymnastics. I loved gymnastics as a child but there was one problem: I was tall. This way I had no chance to progress through to Olympic level. So I had to find a sport which I would enjoy as much as gymnastics but have a chance to go all the way to the top: Pole Dancing. Nobody has … Read More Only Narrow-Minded People Call it “Stripper Pole”


Take Back the Pole

The London Abused Women’s Centre boycotted the annual rally of Take Back the Night on Thursday, September 15, because they didn’t agree to a leading Pole Fitness club, The Pole House, to stage a brilliant demonstration at Victoria Park during the march. You could read about it more here. I find this very disturbing. To strengthen the false perception which links pole fitness and … Read More Take Back the Pole