This review is based on the pre-injunction Kindle edition of the now banned book “Google Me – No Lies” by Donna Desporte.

My 3-star rating is the end result of averaging 5-star for the story and 1-star for the English grammar. Let me start with explaining the 1-star bit. Spelling mistakes, incorrect punctuation, and various grammatical errors occur on almost every page. These make the book almost unreadable. Only on Amazon more than a million e-books are getting published every year, so even the most brilliant publicity stunt wouldn’t make a book fly without getting the grammar right. This book seemed to be published in a mad rush with virtually no editing. In today’s age this is inexcusable. The recent – and in my opinion unfair – court injunction could provide the author with the precious time needed to fix this issue. I hope the author will find an editor on Reedsy or Fiverr or any other platform where she could connect with professional editors before re-publishing this book once the injunction is squashed.

Mentioning the Euromillions winner, Mr Gareth Bull, may help the marketing and selling of this book, but he is not the main character. Hence, I fail to comprehend why he bothered paying lawyers for the injunction. His role in this memoir is to provide a framework to the real story: the author’s life. As I read in the Nottingham Post, the injunction covers the physical details of the author’s sexual relationship with Mr Bull, any information about his relationship with his wife, and any information about his children or his physical health. This does not make sense. The Sun already published an article on 23/4/2017 about the Bulls’ separation and I found no information in this memoir about their children. The details of the author’s sexual relationship and the single page related to Gareth Bull’s physical health could be easily edited out from this memoir, though I can’t see why these details are harmful.

On the other hand, I found this memoir gripping and amazing. It’s a story of an exceptionally strong and smart woman, singlehandedly providing the income for decades to raise all her four surviving children, struggling through life against a horrible, abusive and deceitful husband, and paying the very high price for the rest of her life for the one big mistake she made in her early twenties: taking a morning after pill at the wrong time.

A particularly interesting part of this memoir is how she managed to outsmart the British social services system which turned against her in an evil manner, and threatened to grab all her children away and place them into care.

I hope one day, once the editing issues are sorted out, I can change this review to 5-star.

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