Book One of The Sex Tourist is my sister’s #MeToo story about sexual abuse. She is no longer with us to share her story. This is why I had to publish her book about boybands using underage girls as sex toys, strip-club clients abusing strippers, punters treating working girls badly and murderous sexual predators torturing girls to death.

Unlike Weinstein, most abusive men are getting away with their horrendous acts. Sexual abuse in the sex industry itself is on a heightened level compared to the film or music industries.

Over the past year and a half I received tremendous support from the readers of my book. The brilliant and heart-warming reviews made me think it has all been worthwhile to share my story with the world.

It took 18 months to get my first negative and insensitive review on I believe I’m open to criticism, and I would have appreciated if this review criticized my writing style. I’m also very much aware that my book is not for everybody, but I cannot agree with the reviewer’s suggestion that prostitution was a matter of free choice for my sister, and that her murder was her own fault.

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