Welcome to the third and final part of this series. This excerpt is also from Book Two, Chapter 7 – Polymerase Chain Reaction in The Sex Tourist:

To get the murderer’s STR markers, my main hope is in the PCR product from his sperms. The PCR product from the little piece of dirt under Lily’s fingernails is my second best chance. I’m testing them one after the other. It’s 4 a.m. in the morning and I utter a deep sigh. The results couldn’t be better. Both of them are valid. They both came from the same male with a 99.9999% certainty. All STR numbers from the sperms match the numbers coming from the dirt under Lily’s fingernails. My cheeks are becoming wet when I take off my goggles and my mask. “You put up a great fight, Lily,” I mutter to myself using my mask to soak up the tears. Now I know the six pairs of numbers from …’s STR alleles, which only one in five million people have on average. If I ever need more evidence to match the FBI’s thirteen core STR loci standard, I still have the swabs in the envelopes safely back in my freezer. …I’m going to miss this morning’s lectures. Before clambering into bed I send a message to …:

“I’ve got the bastard’s DNA profile. I miss you.”

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