The original title of my 2 books in 1 novel, THE SEX TOURIST, is SORORAL BONDS. In this book the two main ‘characters’ (and authors) are non-identical twins. In the beginning of Book Two one of them experiences twin telepathy.

Female non-identical twins should be called sororal twins (soror is for sister in Latin). Non-identical twins are called fraternal twins, but this is correct only if both siblings are male, as frater is for brother in Latin. When the gender of the twins is different they are obviously non-identical.

Identical, or monozygotic, twins are the result of one egg being fertilized and then splitting in two. Identical twins have the same DNA and normally look very much alike. They are always of the same gender. Here are some examples of twin telepathy of identical twins:

  • A Texas man sat down with a stabbing pain in the heart while shopping, only to find out later that his twin brother had been shot in the heart in New York.
  • One sister had a bike accident and broke her ankle, and a mysterious swelling showed up on her twin’s ankle at the same time, although she wasn’t indulging in any physical activity at the time.
  • One baby would cry profusely, bringing his mother’s attention to the other twin, who was sleeping in another crib, suffering from high fever.

I found these at, but there are many more examples.

One might think that having the same DNA is the deciding factor in the formation of a twin bond, but the nine months spent together in the womb could have a much greater role in it. In those crucial months they go through the whole evolutionary development getting ever closer to one another. Memories from the womb are very rare, but they do exist on a subconscious level. These twins are completely aware of each other once they enter the world.

The bond forged in the womb could get much stronger if twins grow up together. Losing a loved one is a tremendously painful and horrible experience, but losing a beloved twin is always a life changing event for “left behind” siblings. Thoughts about their twin dominate the rest of their lives even years or decades after the event. It causes regular moments of uncontrollable sorrow. Whether identical or not, the connection that twins share can never completely be understood by anyone else.

One Comment on “Telepathy in Fraternal Twins

  1. My twins are strange but after reading about twins I kinda understand why they both went through while growing and why my daughter had a hard time when her twin brother moved out and why they both get anxiety attacks it’s strange watching them grow up and seeing how much twin connection they have they both went to different schools but both came home with a missing tooth the same day same side from elementary she knows when something wrong with her brother even if their miles away this article has been a great help I understand why they are the way they are strange but amazing to know they are connected in so many ways

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