Pole Sport is as demanding as gymnastics. I loved gymnastics as a child but there was one problem: I was tall. This way I had no chance to progress through to Olympic level. So I had to find a sport which I would enjoy as much as gymnastics but have a chance to go all the way to the top: Pole Dancing.

Nobody has second thoughts if the pole is horizontal. They call it a training bar. The vertical position triggers stigma.

“‘Stripper Pole’ is a derogating expression. Pole sport involves no stripping. If she is not stripping then the pole should not be called a stripper pole.” This was my comment the other day on an article about Kate Hudson where the clueless journalist used the “stripper pole” phrase.

Luckily more and more articles are cropping up these days which challenge the stigma associated with the pole. This one in The Daily Evergreen really warmed my heart.

You can watch me performing the “Flag” in a short video on my Facebook page.

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