It is time to remember, applaud and reflect on Paige Birgfeld’s life with a sigh of relief. Her murderer is going to spend the rest of his life in jail. If you type Paige’s name into Google, the summary on the right side says ‘Paige Birgfeld – Stripper’. This label is unfair and it should change to ‘Self Employed’ or something similar. She was a devoted mother. After the bankruptcy of her ex-husband she turned to sex work in order to provide for her three children and avoid eviction from their family home.

About the recent trial and conviction of her killer you can find some details in The Daily Beast for example, but here I would just like to reflect on her life.


Up to Paige’s untimely and violent death almost 10 years ago, her main priority had been the wellbeing of her three children. She must be applauded because she tried everything in her power to make ends meet: she made and sold baby slings; so successfully hawked kitchenware that she won two all-expense-paid vacations for herself and her children; worked as a mystery shopper reporting on service at various businesses; gave dance lessons to children and bought several properties in the Denver area as investments.

Her favorite activities always involved her children. She told friends she had no need to join a gym because she got all the workout she needed swimming and jumping on the trampoline with her kids.

One of her friends who helped with babysitting said she saw how busy Paige was – sometimes doing housecleaning in the middle of the night just to keep up. She also noticed Paige leaving the house late at nights after the kids were in bed. Those were the escort calls.

“I didn’t ask about it, but you kind of knew,” said her friend. “She was someone who just did what they had to do to survive. She was intent on keeping the house and family together and would do whatever it takes.”

She also said Paige seemed to extend herself for everyone. She took on a leadership role in the Grand River Playgroup and was one of the most willing donors of time to the Grand Junction MOMS club. In addition, Paige was juggling Pampered Chef parties; teaching kids dance through a business she ran called Brain Dance and doing small jobs such as Motherhood. Throughout her house, the only magazines were about mother-child related issues.

Only death could grab Paige away from her beloved children. A decade on I’m sure they have been missing Mom dearly and have kept her in their good memories. She was a single, loving mother with great willpower before she was brutally murdered by a violent monster. Mrs. Wilkinson’s words from Billy Elliot fully apply to Paige Birgfeld too:

Mrs. Wilkinson: She must’ve been a very special woman, your mother.
Billy: No, she was just my mom.

R.I.P. Ms. Paige Birgfeld

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