‘Private’ webcam shows are nothing else but live streaming of porn. In the vast majority of cases paying male customers are watching female performers. Who is to blame for the rapid expansion of these shows? Take your pick:

  1. Would you say women performing this kind of on demand sex work are the culprits? The majority of these girls are driven by desperation and fear of poverty, or ‘entrepreneurial’ pimps who think that showing off their partners’ private parts and making them to perform sex acts, and at the same time giving up about half of their earnings to the hosting websites make perfect business sense. The number one worry of the performers themselves is about viewers recording and sharing their performances.
  2. Or the men paying for watching these acts are to blame? I call them ‘peepers’. They are the online counterparts of ‘johns’ visiting sex workers and you may find that many of them are engaging in both activities.
  3. What about the providers of these websites? About 10 to 15 years ago they had the stomach to enter this line of business which made a few of them multimillionaires. They pocket between 40% and 60% of payments for providing the chatroom and the customer base. Profits are enormous. The company owner of the largest provider became the richest person in Hungary in 2014. What would he feel if he found one of his daughters performing a webcam act? I think he would be ready with the answer: that’s unthinkable. He would say there would have been someone else creaming the profits if he didn’t start this business. A typical defense used by his kind.
  4. Are the banks responsible? They all allow these transactions to go through, and most of them charge a higher percentage for extra profit.
  5. Is it the fault of the governments of the world? Should they act against this rapidly growing international peeping trend by legislation?

Radical feminists who support the Nordic Model in sex work would discount #1 (saying women are victims) and put the blame on the rest. However, a law against webcam sex would just drive it underground. Dark Web and Bitcoins come into my mind.

Typically, the most vehement supporters of the Nordic Model are the used to be sex workers while the most vehement opponents are the current sex workers.

One could expect a similar angry reaction from current providers of webcam sex if radical feminists attempt to drive this business underground by criminalizing the peepers.

The reason is the same in both cases: the sex workers’ and the webcam performers’ customer base and hence their livelihood would be endangered.

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