If you read THE SEX TOURIST already, you know who Nicky is. If not, you can still enjoy reading this standalone, independent “spin-off” presented in four parts. I’m posting these for the next four weeks on every Monday. 

He is looking deep into my eyes; constantly. As he stares at me with his crow’s feet, which are like the patterns of capillaries around his slightly withered green eyes, I can’t help but wonder – what’s on his mind? He takes my hand into his with that gentle, warm touch of his soft fingers. With his piercing emerald stare – penetrating my soul, amplifying the pounding of my heart – he swears his true love again. I believe him. I believe him every single time.

I’m still holding onto this belief as the thick, dark curtains with circular patterns block the sizzling summer sunshine out of my freshly painted bedroom. Romance is reaching its climax right now. My enticing king size bed, the soft tunes of the chill-out music, the scent of lavender from the flavored candles and the new beige color of my room all suggest a perfect harmony in our souls. We snuggle up with each other – our naked bodies burning of desire fueled by our feelings. The caressing cool breeze of the air-conditioning and our over-saturated endorphin levels are spreading all over the bedroom.

His masculine body with well-developed muscles, his slightly hairy chest and his low sexy voice full of desire makes me feel so secure. A woman who surrenders her defenseless body and soul to the chosen man who accepts and reciprocates all her feelings cannot possibly wish for anything more.

Our hearts have been pounding with scorching desire for more than an hour now. Drenched in sweat we’ve kept snuggling closer and closer. The scent of our pheromones has been driving us to the edge of sanity. Our single focus is to be each other’s source of happiness. The enormous physical pleasure he provides – as his hardened, rigid length slowly moves in and out of me – is only enforcing this heavenly circle. I desire him more and more.

He is passionately playing on my lips with his long, soft tongue. The excitement and tension drives me towards savagery and I have to make an effort not to bite into his pale, full lips. I adore the way he looks at me. He delves into my soul with his eyes. My own gaze reflects back at me – a gaze soaked in the ecstasy of love. This feeling is priceless. All our motions, even the slightest ones, are in total harmony as if our bodies were united. It’s impossible to boost this any further! As we rub our bodies more to each other, as our breathing becomes deeper and deeper, as we squeeze each other’s hands with our gaze locked on the other one, I know; his ejaculation is just by a hair’s breadth away.

We reach our orgasm together. He knows exactly when I’m nearing climax from my tiny whiffles – he senses it from my heartbeat, from the way I breathe, from the lustful noises I make, from my swollen clit and my soaking wet mucous membrane. I feel his semen spilling inside me as I utter loud screams of joy with a quivering body. This makes my uterus pulse even more, keeping my body convulsing for several minutes. Then he withdraws with a deep sigh, holds me in his strong arms, caresses my sweaty body all over and places my head on his chest. Our bodies relax, and we dose off to the soft music.

But soon I find myself alone and each and every time the same question strikes me: is Rob doing this the same way with his wife?

Nicky’s Navel-Gazing – Part 2 of 4 – My Mind


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