** This content is strictly over 18. It deals with misogyny and sexual violence and may not be suitable for some sensitive readers. **

Why is there so much demand for porn? What makes it a multi-billion dollar industry?

On the face of it the answers look simple: reproduction is one of the main primal instincts in all living creatures, including humans. Therefore part of our human nature is to be interested in watching other humans having sex. However, watching porn stimulates this primal instinct in men much more than in women.

Why is there a major difference between male and female consumers of porn? Even if you are a red blooded woman, the likelihood is that you wouldn’t watch voluntarily the majority of the porn what many men enjoy. The vast majority of women need more than watching porn to get sexually aroused. Emotional attachment plays a much greater role in women’s sexual stimulation. On the other hand, nothing is wrong with males getting much more aroused than females by purely visual stimulus. What would be the point to fight nature?

However what I find very wrong is this: most of today’s porn is some form of filmed sexual violence against women. With the advent of smartphones porn can be watched any time in groups or in total privacy.

A typical boy becomes very interested in porn around the age of 12, right at the start of his puberty. This interest could cause serious damage later in his life. Save for the much ridiculed and most of the time pathetic sex education in schools, nothing could teach an adolescent boy the proper sexual behaviour. The more porn he watches the more is the chance for him to become a future sex offender. Moral development in human beings is a much more complex and slower process than sexual development.

Damage does not stop with the direct consumers of porn. Porn “actresses” are subject to the most horrendous sexual ordeals. Many of the scenes are actually simulating different forms of gang rapes. Money is the main reason girls are consenting to put up with this form of abuse. Later in life most of them become emotional wrecks, develop drug addiction and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

On one of the popular porn websites the most frightening categories are: gangbang, double penetration, bondage and bukkake (when a group of men ejaculate on a “willing” female’s face). They all enforce the message that women are there to be violated and abused. The more porn boys and men watch, the stronger the link becomes between violence against women and sexual pleasure in their mind. This re-enforcement makes porn users crave for increasingly brutal scenes over time.

Many of them fantasize about participating in similar acts and some of them turn fantasy into real life; hence the plenty of reported and un-reported rape cases and sexual assaults on college campuses and elsewhere.

Several serial killers are also products of the porn industry. The “Grim Sleeper” is one example. Another one is a “character” in my “erotic thriller“. He had a collection of orange golf balls which he inserted into his victims’ vaginas. I’ll leave you with one of his rough comments which my editor deleted from the book: “You know what inspires my best shots? The dead-whore’s-pussy scent of these balls.”



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