Budapest is ranked one of the highest stag do destinations in Europe and not without reasons.

Reason #1: Price

Budapest is slightly cheaper than Prague and all other main destinations in Western Europe. Buy some local currency before your trip. Do not use the Foreign Exchange kiosks at the airport in Budapest; they’ll rip you off. 350 and 270 forints for a pound both sound a lot, but there is more than 20% difference between them. Converting forints could prove to be a real challenge.

Reason #2: Target Shooting

If you are a good shot, the place is for you. Gun clubs in Budapest are outstanding both in hospitality and maintaining the essential level of safety and security. A piece of advice: do not go shooting boozed up.


The Hungarian version of The Statue of Liberty on top of Gellért Hill

Reason #3: Nightclubs

Do your research or have a trusted guide before you enter a nightclub. Never get into a cab and ask the cabby to drive you to one. You’ll end up in a strip club buying drinks for 100+ £/$/Euro without knowing what you’re doing. The two major scams are:

  1. Taxi drivers taking you to the wrong club on purpose (they are on the owner’s payroll).
  2. Girls approaching you to buy them drinks and selecting the average quality but really pricey ones. This leads us to

Reason #4: Drinks

You can have great drinks at great prices if you buy them at the right places. Another piece of advice: don’t accept homemade spirits from people you don’t know. Most of them would call these drinks ‘palinka’ even if they aren’t the real thing (the ‘palinka’ for Hungarians is like the whisky for the Scots). These drinks are usually too strong and could knock you out.

You would recognize most of the beer brands, but if you like sweet white wine, go for a ‘Tokaji’, or choose ‘Villanyi’ or ‘Bock’ if you prefer dry red. They are usually good quality.


The Buda Castle – It does not hurt to know a little history of Budapest if you decide to visit. Buda and Pest were two separate towns a few hundred years ago. Pest was the flat town on the east side of the Danube and Buda was the town with hills on the west side. Buda got its name after Attila the Hun’s big brother. According to the legend Buda built a castle while his brother was on the warpath. On his return Attila slayed his brother in order to grab all the power. That was the beginning of the end for the Huns. They were totally different people from the Hungarians who occupied the land several centuries later.


Reason #5: People

Whatever the media trumpets, Hungarians in general are very friendly and approachable people. Many of them speak English. With a little luck you could easily get acquainted with a beautiful girl to show you around town.

My last piece of advice: have a great time in Budapest but do not try to re-enact any of the graphic scenes in my “erotic thriller”, THE SEX TOURIST.

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