For many working girls, loitering on the streets is a thing of the past. Picking up a sex worker has become much easier in the UK and elsewhere due to sex apps. A website called ‘Find Brothels’ claims to have almost 15,000 brothels just in the London area and tens of thousands more elsewhere in England.


How could this be when brothels are actually illegal in the UK?

It turns out that the brothel advertising website is not actually advertising brothels. It’s to do with the legal definition of a brothel in the UK.

“A brothel is defined as ‘a place where people of opposite sexes … are allowed to resort for illicit intercourse, whether the women are common prostitutes or not’. It is not essential to show that the premises are in fact used for the purposes of prostitution (which involves payment for services rendered); a brothel exists where (more than one) women offer sexual intercourse with or without charging. It is not illegal to sell sex at a place provided the sex worker is not involved in management or control of a brothel. A house occupied by one woman and used by her alone for prostitution, is not a brothel.”

This law is dangerous and needs to change.

Imagine one girl in an apartment with a violent, abusive sexual predator. A true case in Wolverhampton is well described and disguised as fiction in my book, THE SEX TOURIST.

This law can change in two ways to protect working girls:

  1. Legalize the brothels (like in Switzerland)
  2. Criminalize the punters (like in Sweden)

Both models have their vehement supporters and opponents and I am not going to take sides here. As Ayn Rand wrote in Atlas Shrugged:

There are two sides to every issue: one side is right and the other is wrong, but the middle is always evil.

All I want is to get the message across: the law shouldn’t allow defenseless girls to be preys of violent monsters.


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