On its first trip to the US, the manuscript of “Jane Eyre” is on loan to the Morgan Library & Museum in New York. The exhibition “Charlotte Brontë: An Independent Will” has opened today, September 9, 2016.


April 21st this year was the bicentenary of Charlotte Brontë and I celebrated it in style. On Charlotte’s 200th birthday I uploaded the polished, edited and proofread version of my very first manuscript, Sororal Bonds: A Tale of Prostitution, Murder, and Revenge, to Amazon’s CreateSpace platform. The memoirs of two sisters are well disguised in my strictly 18+ Erotic Thriller. Ten days later I was a published author. I’ll never forget the feeling when the postman tossed my very first paperback through the letter box.

After a month or so the title (and the cover) of my book

but the content remained exactly the same.

2016 is the year to celebrate Charlotte Brontë and her works. I love all her books, but above all I love Jane Eyre the most. I happen to have three quotations from it in my book, THE SEX TOURIST.

The first one is:

It is hard work to control the workings of inclination and turn the bent of nature.

The second quotation is the most touching compliment I’ve ever received in a text message. The writer of the message compared my eyes to the character Helen Burns’ in Jane Eyre:

“…her eyes, which had suddenly acquired a beauty…neither of fine colour, nor long eyelash, nor penciled brow, but of meaning, of movement, of radiance.”

The third quotation is my all-time favorite and that’s my new puzzle.


You could either make an educated guess or download the Kindle version of THE SEX TOURIST and find the answer there. YOU DON’T NEED TO OWN A KINDLE to read it. You can use your phone or tablet with the free Kindle App. You have until September 24th to get the correct answer.

Whoever gets it right the first time in a comment to this blog post will get a brand new Collector’s Library hardcover edition of Jane Eyre


and a signed paperback of my book, THE SEX TOURIST.  I’ll post them to you anywhere in the US, UK, Australia, Canada or mainland Europe. If you are the winner, all you have to do is to email your postal address to oliviawild777 (at)* gmail.com.

*to avoid spams I replaced the @ sign.

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