Finding that special someone who you will share your time, your emotions and your dreams can be really challenging.  With the rising popularity of internet dating, time constraints and the limited number of places there are to frequent means that meeting people has become significantly harder. A good way to know where to meet someone is to go places that you would plan to take a date. The following 5 suggestions are some of the most romantic places to meet, greet and enjoy moments with a potential partner.

  1. shutterstock_289668500Take a Dance Class

Dancing is a fun way to get your required amount of daily exercise, and the movement helps people to connect with their bodies. This means that while at the class their guard is down, their adrenaline is pumping and they are in a perfect frame of mind to find someone they are attracted to. In addition to always having a tango partner, meeting your significant other while dancing means that you will already have several mutual friends.

  1. Enjoy Live Music

There are many different types of musical events where single people can interact while enjoying their favourite types of music. Such as:

  • Going to a Jazz Club – The dim lighting and laid back vibe make these clubs a perfect way to beat the unattached blues.
  • Attending a Concert – View your favourite band or orchestra in this comfortable atmosphere, maybe even striking up a conversation during the break about the drummer’s divine skills.
  • Chill at a Festival – For those that love to be outdoors and experience different types of music, a festival would be a perfect weekend getaway. Sleeping under the stars and socialising around a campfire can be very romantic and a nice way to learn more about somebody.
  1. shutterstock_218890114A Snack and a Story – Bookstore cafes have become very popular and, for those that love to read, an interesting way to find like-minded people. Some cafes have book clubs where the members are invited to sample the cake, tea, and discuss the plot in the latest thriller.
  2. Take a walk – Everybody likes dogs, and walking around the park with an adorable four-legged friend is a sure way to strike up a conversation. Even if you don’t own a pet taking a long walk can be relaxing and a great way to enjoy the fresh air. Whether you prefer to walk in the park, on the beach or through the woods there is a high possibility that these solo walks will soon become long romantic ones for two.
  3. Travelling – When you are on vacation it is always a good time to meet somebody. Most people are more relaxed and therefore friendlier. Meeting and enjoying new sites together can create a long-lasting bond.

One more thing to remember when trying to attract a new partner, is to make it a priority to do things alone on occassion. You begin to enjoy your own company, as well as making it easier for somebody to notice and approach you.

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