While dinner and a movie is a nice first date, because it gives you the chance to talk and get to know each other a little bit better, doing the same thing every time you go out will eventually become boring. These 5 alternative date ideas include something that every couple can enjoy, and might be exactly what is needed to increase the level of fun you have together.

  1. Play a Sport – This option can extend from a relatively calm sport to a daring dive for the more adventurous couples. These include:
  • Bowling – throwing a large ball down a lane in order to get a strike can be very appealing. Just make sure that it is not your intention to strike out for the night.
  • Tennis – probably the only time in a relationship where it is okay to hit and run, tennis can be a fun and sweaty option for those more athletically inclined.
  • Ice Skating – even if neither are you are very good at ice skating, you can spend the night picking each other up and comparing your bruises the next day.
  • Bungee Jumping – For the extreme dare devils, going bungee jumping will certainly allow you to develop a lot more respect for each other.
  1. shutterstock_94148905Take a Class – Learning something new is always a good idea, and you might both be surprised at the unknown skills which may be uncovered. Lots of classes cater specifically for couples including:
  • Cooking – learn how to make a lean, mean cuisine together.
  • Figure Drawing – finding out which one of you has more skill with putting the curves of the human body unto paper/canvas.
  • Dancing – this might be a lesson that will come in very handy in the future…maybe even at your wedding.
  1. shutterstock_137877128Visit a Funfair – There is so much to do at a funfair including:
  • Rides – screaming your lungs out on the roller coaster, or pushing each other around on the bumper cars is always fun.
  • Win a Prize – toppling all the balls or shooting the poor unsuspecting metal animals might get you a few extra cuddles and kisses, after you have won your honey a giant-sized teddy.
  • Visit a Psychic – see what your future holds, don’t take what is said too seriously.
  1. Appreciate Nature – These dates are probably best reserved for good weather:
  • Picnic – sitting on a blanket, eating a sandwich and sipping some wine can be done anywhere you can find a nice sunny spot.
  • Star Gazing – during the night you can lean back and explore the mysteries of the universe while the stars beam down on your union.
  1. Be Scared – Get up close and personal while sheltering each other from unknown dangers by:
  • Taking a Ghost Tour – walk down a semi-deserted street learning which phantoms still roam the dark, after they should have moved on.
  • Solving a Dinner Murder Mystery – Put your sleuthing skills to the test and see which of you is better at deducing the clues, that you have been given during the meal. Two heads will probably always be better than one…unless you just happen to lose it during the night.

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