Whenever you are in a relationship, taking a romantic trip together can strengthen your bond and give you both some well needed relaxation time. Below is a list of 5 unique destinations that any couple can enjoy: 

  1. shutterstock_94380988Paris, France

Known as the ‘City of Lights,’ Paris is the home of the world famous Eiffel tower. This is not the only interesting site in the city, however, as it is also full of romantic spots and activities. The best way to get around town is to rent a scooter and ride from one location to another. The Seine River has a small area where music is played and those that love to dance tango. Couples have the option of either joining in or watching the dancers, while indulging in a bottle of French wine. There is also the possibility of taking a boat ride out to the Temple of Love (Temple Romantique), as well as going to one of the many shows at the Moulin Rouge.

  1. Majorca, Spain

The largest of the Balearic Islands, Majorca is surrounded by the beautiful Mediterranean Sea and is the home of some of the most picturesque beaches in the world. Hiking from San Telmo to Port Andratx is highly recommended, with many spots to stop and have a romantic picnic along the way. Spring adds an even more unique experience to this trip because of the blossoms that appear on the trees which border the path. A spa day is the best way to relax after, and you will definitely have to get some Majorcan pearls as the perfect souvenir from your time away.

  1. Savannah, Georgia

Some of the best accommodations that you can stay at earn their reputation because of the story that they inspire. In Savannah, you can choose one from their many historic inns that are said to be haunted. Couples that are fond of reading will enjoy the city’s annual book festival, along with a visit to the Flannery O’Connor Museum, which used to be the author’s home. A little bit of sweet with your sweetheart is always desired, and a honey tasting is a nice way that Savannah offers to satisfy this particular craving.

  1. Florence, Italy

shutterstock_129236768Enclosed within medieval walls, Florence is a city that is full of rare treasures. With its monumental churches and other buildings, as well as art by famous artists such as Michael Angelo and Botticelli, this city will thrill every couple. Dinner at a café in one of the many side streets, and a slow walk beside the Arno River are the perfect way to spend an evening there.

  1. Kauai, Hawaii

A tropical paradise is the best way to describe this beautiful Hawaiian destination. With a mixture of rain forests, sandy beaches and beautiful palm trees, lovers will delight in Kauai. Take a helicopter tour to get to know the layout of the island, and ensure that you experience a traditional Hawaiian luau. End the days by relax in each other’s arms as you enjoy a beach sunset and one of the delicious island cocktails.


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