There are two different types of twins, identical and fraternal. Identical, or monozygotic, twins are the result of one egg being fertilized and then splitting in two. Identical twins have the same DNA and normally look very much alike. They are always of the same gender. The majority of twins are fraternal, however, meaning they are not identical even though they may actually look very much alike in many cases. They are the result of two eggs being fertilized at the same time, and both babies being carried to term. These twins can be of the same or opposite sex and share only 50% of their DNA, which is the same amount as regular siblings.

The term ‘twin telepathy’ is used to refer to the connection that many twins have, that makes them constantly aware of each other. This includes doing or saying the same things at the same time, even when they are not together. Many of them also have the same interests in friends, sports, hobbies and other activities. This connection does not only exist in identical twins but, in many cases, extends to fraternal twins.

The twin bond is formed in the womb, which they share, so the twins enter the world already being completely aware of each other. Parents of twins find that as babies they fall asleep and wake up at the same time, as well as need to be fed and even changed within minutes of each other. From infancy and going into childhood they automatically begin to comfort each other, and find it difficult to sleep without holding hands or having some form of other physical contact. A high percentage of fraternal twins also sleep in the same position, even when they are separated.

shutterstock_158484032This bond continues to grow with the children and twins even make up their own language, without consciously putting any effort into it. Their ‘twin vibes’ allows them to feel each other’s joy and pain, finish each other’s sentences, laugh at the same things and sometimes even communicate things to each other without words. Even though there is sibling rivalry and fierce competition in many twin relationships, they are still very protective of each other.

Probably one of the strangest twin connections, which can occur in fraternal twins, is when a twin’s brother actually goes through her pregnancy with her. In these cases the brother will know that his sister is pregnant before she tells him, experience her morning sickness and cravings and may feel her labour pains.

Distance doesn’t seem to affect the twin bond and twins, even if they haven’t spoken in a while, can still feel each other’s emotions. Losing a sibling is always a painful experience, but twins describe losing their twin as an overwhelmingly empty feeling inside. Whereas they felt whole when their twin was alive, they are now a ‘twinless twin.’ This causes them to experience regular moments of uncontrollable sorrow, and thoughts about their brother or sister dominate their lives. The connection that these twins share can never completely be understood by anyone else, and is truly an incredibly unique and fulfilling experience.

11 Comments on “That Twin Connection – Are Fraternal Twins able to Relate?

  1. This is very incorrect me and my twin sister do not share an ounce of pain. Faternial twins have nothing special between each other than the fact that we are born on the same day.


    • I think you’ve misread this article. It does not say that fraternal or sororal twins relate in a special way in all cases. However, I know for a fact about cases where the bond between them are much stronger than in ordinary siblings. Sharing the same womb for 9 months could make a big difference later in life.


  2. Im a faternal twin. Or was…my twin brother died almost 10 years ago, and im still so very empty. We were very close, even as adults living in different states. People would “whats it like to be a twin?” Thats all i knew until he passed which is still hard!!!!

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    • I totally agree with that statement. I lost my twin brother 11 years ago and I felt like I was completely chopped in half. The left side of my body felt and still feels numb.


  3. I’m observing my nieces fraternal twin babies (boy and girl) and at 16 mo she acts out his fall and pain, which led me to search the topic and find this article. I’m a believer

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  4. I lost my faternal twin sister over a month ago.
    Huge empty whole in my heart.
    We had a special bond,even we live in different countries for years!
    Now I’m stainless twin or lone twin how they call in Europe.
    My live changed forever,nothing be the same!
    We came to this world together,but leave alone!
    She always be part in my live,my heart,my everything.
    Love her forever and so thankful she was my twin sister.

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    • I just lost my beautiful twin sister three weeks ago and am so heart broken. Even though we have lived apart for 30 + years she alway gave me confidence, strength and courage. We had a connection. I’m so very grateful she was my twin.


  5. I lost my faternal twin my sister more than month ago.
    I have big whole in my heart.
    Life lost a meaning,nothing really matter.
    Now I’m twinless twin or they call in Europe lone twin.
    We came to this earth together but we leaving lonely.
    Life never be the same without my twin sister.
    Thank you sis for been the best sister ever to me!

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  6. I have just lost my fraternal twin brother and I am heartbroken. I will
    Never feel the same again. I feel half empty. We had a special bond in life and even in death. I was so lucky to have my beautiful special brother for 45 years and will miss him Until the day I die. He will live on in my heart forever.


  7. I lost my twin brother 35 years ago. My heart was broken beyond repair when he died right before our 20th birthday. The morning he died, I woke up depressed and cried all day. I found out that he died that night. We were extremely close and connected. We were always there for one another and knew when the other was going through something tough. We always reach out and support one another. He was my best friend and his loss has left my heart with a whole. I love and miss him everyday. I feel him watching over me and we’ll be together again some day.

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