Budapest has been cited as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, and it is understandable why many men choose to spend their last nights of being single in this unique location. Anybody would be able to appreciate the relatively low prices and wide variety of entertainment that can be found here. The Hungarian capital is divided into Buda and Pest, which are on two different sides of the Danube River. Pest is the part of the city where all the exciting night life and other entertainment can be found.


One of the biggest difficulties in having a stag party is to ensure that there is an adequate supply of drinks, at a low cost. Budapest is well-known for being able to fulfill these two requirements. A trip would not be complete without sampling a taste of the Hungarian fruit spirits, such as apricot or plum brandy, as well as becoming well acquainted with the taste of Hungarian beer. The people in Budapest find their wines absolutely exquisite, and attending a wine tasting can help you see a different side of the city, as well as making your own decision about the taste of their wines.


A stag party practically dictates that some adult entertainment should be pursued. Downtown Budapest has many clubs, including a wide variety of strip clubs, bars and restaurants that are the centre of the city’s nightlife. Open-air nightclubs also provide a one-of-a-kind experience of drinking under the stars.

The Danube River

The city is divided by the Danube River and there is no shortage of entertainment on and around it. Walking along the river bank, boat excursions and dinner and party cruises are all pleasant options whenever the weather permits.


Wherever there are a bunch of men on vacation together, there needs to be adequate sporting opportunities available and Budapest has no shortage of these. Test your skills in paintball, off-road driving, quad bikes, caving and much more during your trip.

Local Culture and Cuisine

Centuries of the city’s rich history can be explored in a few hours, by visiting a few of its many historical sites. After your tours there is also a wide variety of local and international cuisine available, for you to indulge your good sense of taste. Spend some time at one of the many restaurants the city has to offer, or have a quick bite to eat at a café.  There are also many local shopping centres and markets, where you can buy unique souvenirs from the city to commemorate the occasion.

Thermal Baths

Many of the city’s baths were built centuries ago, and they still provide the perfect opportunity to relax and soothe those aches and pains that are sure to accompany a wild weekend of partying.

Budapest provides the perfect combination of activities for a memorable stag party: delicious cuisine, lots of alcohol, crazy nightlife, culture, sports and relaxation. This all seems like the perfect end to being a bachelor, and an even better start to a beautiful marriage.

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